Hiiii My name is Gill (that's Jill, only spelled with a "G"). Well Gillian really, but s’all the same! I used to live in New Orleans, but now I live in The-Middle-of-Nowhere, NJ. I graduated in May with my Bachelors in Environmental Science, and I am currently serving as an AmeriCorps volunteer focused on improving watershed health. I'm looking forward to a new adventure once my program ends in July!

Ask me ANYTHING. Really.

Three things:

1) My prof’s wife just delivered their baby (congrats to them!!). Also congrats to me because this means that my assignment that I’ve been working on non-stop is not due Tuesday like it was supposed to be. SCORE.

2) Today was a final choral performance. Our choir instructor made us little personalized gifts. SO CUTE. Also, here’s a picture from last semester to show ya how much we look like nuns:

Find me and Trish!!

3) My dog got a blog. Go follow if you like cute and sassy puppies: