Hiiii My name is Gill (that's Jill, only spelled with a "G"). Well Gillian really, but s’all the same! I used to live in New Orleans, but now I live in The-Middle-of-Nowhere, NJ. I graduated in May with my Bachelors in Environmental Science, and I am currently serving as an AmeriCorps volunteer focused on improving watershed health. I'm looking forward to a new adventure once my program ends in July!

Ask me ANYTHING. Really.

After six months of not running…

It turns out that you don’t forget how to do it! It just hurts a little bit. (…maybe more than a little bit…)

2.45 miles in 23’59”90. Not awful. But it hurt a lot! And I took two stretch breaks. Oy vey!

I can get it back if I put in the effort. I’m apparently running a 10k in 19 days, so that might be funny.

Before & after pictures for ya, bam!

In other news, I feel pretty good right now, physically and mentally. Running, the self-esteem booster!

ALSO, my cleanup on Saturday was baller! We got so much trash and a reporter came and I got interviewed and there was a subsequent article in which I made a cameo and there were lots of volunteers and everything was lovely.

There was (and still is) so much trash at the site because it is an illegal dump site. We pulled out boatloads of old glass bottles and some weird items, such as two toilets… Matt also found a license plate frame with headless naked ladies on it, lolol:

It wasn’t all fun and games, though! There was some serious trash out there. Serious friend Zach for serious trash:

There’s still more out there— we’ve been at this one site multiple times, and after each, I think we can’t possibly make another day out of the site, but we always can! So disturbing to see what people do. But Saturday was also a really nice reminder that people can do really great things too!

2 more cleanups this week! I hope they go as well as this one!

Knoxville! I am in you!

Best friends hugs, best friend miles!

We didn’t go super far and we walked like half because of the hills and blazing afternoon sun, but it was plenty  fun and plenty sweaty. I think her pace is naturally a bit faster than mine, so it was cool feeling like I was being pushed a bit outside of my comfort zone- especially on top of the hills that still kick my ass.

We went through the UT campus- so pretty!

Raise your hand if you also get University lust? If I see a beautiful campus, my brain usually tells me- “STUDY HERE. You need to lie in the grass among these pretty buildings and rolling hills and exercise that brain.” Romanticized academia, I guess.

Anyway, I already showered this morning, so I refuse to do it again. Deal with my stank, TN!

How to not look like a poodle.

  • Wash your hair Friday.
  • Straighten your hair after you wash it.
  • Put you hair in a ponytail.
  • Don’t wash your hair on Saturday and keep it in a ponytail.
  • Don’t wash your hair Sunday. Keep it in a ponytail and clip back bangs.
  • Don’t wash your hair Monday.
  • Go for a 4 mile run and get hair nice and sweaty.
  • Take hair out of ponytail and remove bobby pins.
  •  It will now stay where you put it.

Who knew the secret to manageable hair for a curly girl would be poor hygiene?

First 2 miles: Downhill, 18’10, 9’05”/mi pace.

Second 2 miles: Uphill, death, 21’34”, 10’47”/mi pace. And death.

I always hope people I know/ used to know will see me when I’m being cool, but I don’t think anyone did today. Oh well!

1.4 puppy fartlek miles!

Layla’s speeds:

  • Walk

WORST PACER EVER. At least I now know who to take when I’m doing interval training!

We finished in 14’43” and my heart was demanding of me, “WHYYY?!”

But da dag was happy!

Juicy saliva jowl kisses.

Obviously panting.

Aaaaaand we got Brenna-bombed. Real classy.

My face is ROJO.

I haven’t run in a while because it’s been hot and I’ve been a wimp, but it sort of cooled off a little bit (It says it’s 82?) so I decided to head out for a 4 miler. By mile 2, I felt dehydrated and crampy! Woot!

I stuck it out for the full 4 miles, but there was a lot of walking. When I got home, Brenna told me it was 46-something minutes, so like an 11’30”/mi pace. WOW, heat and humidity make you a lot slower than normal! I knew this, but it made me lolol. Usually I’m around or below 10, haha!

Also, I forgot to eat food today (weird). So that probably didn’t help. All and all, it was a good run, albeit probably stupidly prepared. I wonder when my face will change back to its normal color! Whate’er, it makes my eyes look greener. Also, please disregard my lazy-college-kid-manicure. Just wanted to show you what color my skin should be!

I had a great run tonight!

Tonight, I got home from class and I just felt like running. As I was biking home from campus, it was a chilly 65 with wind and light rain. I bitched to myself about how cold I was, but I knew that it was perfect weather for a run, so I was excited!

I set out with 4-5 miles in mind, but as I was out there, I felt awesome and decided to go for 6 (or a 10k) instead. After getting home, I’m a little sad to know that I was .1 miles short of 6, but that’s okay! It was a great run. It just reminded me of what my body is capable of. I needed to feel strong! I’m super pleased, 1) because I’m proud of my body’s power and 2) because I get to eat more almond butter.

What? I like food.

Here’s my tool picture of the day. My webcam was being a butthead, so I used my digital camera, but I propped it up on my bicycle seat so that I could turn off the flash without it being blurry. Yeah, t00l, I know.

5.9 miles in 58’24”. The run felt so fast and effortless! &I know that has a LOT to do with the fact that it was so cool and that the sun had gone down. Apparently I really like night running. Anyone know of any sunset/ nighttime half marathons this year?!

Hi Mama Childs!!! (And Papa too!)

This post is dedicated to my most loyal (read: only) reader outside of the Tumblrverse, KC’s Mom. (She’s got it goin’ on!).

Thank you for reading my blog, Mama Childs! I was so humbled to hear that my page is on your favorites list. My blog appreciates the motherly love! You remind me of my own mama, and that is a very good thing :)

[[Cue jealousy from the rest of The Internet.]]

Tonight, I went to my favorite coffee shop to do homework—because I have a TON of it this week— but I couldn’t focus at all. Too much on my mind! So instead, I biked home and used the energy from the giant coffee that I drank to power me through a fun 3ish miler! My foot didn’t hurt at all, and that is a big win! 32 minutes of sweaty joy, followed by chats with my favorite BFG, KC. Perfect!

It was not a very good day, but I feel a lot lighter now! I am thankful for running, The Internet, friends, and friends’ moms. (Probably other things too, but this is what I’m feelin’ right now!)

Love to all!

P.S. Mama Childs, feel free to send me messages saying “hi”! I would love it!

This day is special.

Know why? ‘Cause I got to run today and my finicky peroneal tendon didn’t hurt one bit!

I got home from class super early, and I was sitting in my room covered in sweat (it’s so hot) and wondering what to do with my free time. I decided that I should get sweaty on my own terms! (Because sweating when you want to > sweating when you don’t want to.)

My plan was to run a warm-up mile to test out my foot and then just go do weights. My foot hasn’t hurt in a while, but I donoticethe tendon, so it’s probably not 100% and I didn’t wanna go cray.

Anyway, I biked to the gym as a warm-up to my warm-up, and then headed up to the tiny 1/9 mi. indoor track. There were tons of runners out there, it was great! I jumped right in and fell into an easy 9:30-10ish pace. It was SO WONDERFUL. Really. So wonderful. For the last 1/9th, I sped up to a pace that was a little uncomfortable, and I came out with a 9’28” warm-up mile! I was so happy that I was decently fast, not at all winded, and that I had no pain!

Then I saw my friend, and we chatted about my stupid foot and about how she just started running a few weeks ago and has just been doing 3 miles every day. “It’s pretty easy. I figure when I’m ready to do 4 miles, I’ll just do 4 miles.” Haha, I thought that was cool. She’s a cool lady. I hope I didn’t drip sweat all over her.

Weight room time was fine. I still only dabble in free weights ‘cause I’m a coward, but I did my upper body stuff on the machines, and I felt decently satisfied. Maybe once I’m home, Brenna can teach me some lifting stuff. EH, BREN?

After the weights, I went upstairs to do my cool-down mile, and did that one in 9’42”. Leaving the gym, I felt a satisfaction I’ve not felt in a few weeks. I like it. I think soon I’ll be running more than a mile at a time again!! Just gonna ease back in…

Here’s my sweaty mug!

Went out for 4; ran 3, walked 1.

My cardiovascular system felt awesome! Building up fitness again, yay!

When I reached my 2 mile turn-around, however, I started to notice the tendon in my right foot. I kept going until it hurt, which was at ~2.75ish, but I just finished out the 3rd mile. My left ITB was a little irritated too, I guess because I must’ve been compensating.

I walked the last mile, figuring less impact would be better, but it’s still really achy! I’m icing it out like a boss.

I’ve also got a water bottle freezing right now, so hopefully that will be ready soon so I can roll out the foot! Thanks for the idea, Robin!

I wish I could have run longer because I really just felt like running until I was tired, but c’est la vie! I’m happy I at least got my 3 miles in (@31:07).

Friend gets here in 6ish hours!! I guess I should bathe for her arrival?

5 miles, babeh!

I’ve been on a real night-running kick, eh? It’s just so peaceful! And cooler… And I don’t have to wake up earlier than I already wake up (~5:30).

I wish there were more runners out at night though, I haven’t had anyone with whom to exchange the running nod!

Oh well…

Took my Garmin out tonight, but I forgot to turn start it again after crossing the street… I’m pretty sure 6-7 minutes passed without being timed, which means I did the 5 miles anywhere between 49’56” and 50’56” ish. I’ll take either!

Man, though, it’s amazing how much fitness you can lose in a few weeks months of inconsistent running. Lesson learned: Don’t take running breaks. Okay well, don’t get sick so you don’t have to take running breaks!

Can’t wait to get back to past running fitness, but tonight was good. So good!

Hydration nudge?

PS, running totally helped my sore quads loosen up. (They were sore thanks to Shortmom’s death by squats!) I could do a million more squats right now! But instead I will veg and eat oatmeal with berries, hom nom.