Hiiii My name is Gill (that's Jill, only spelled with a "G"). Well Gillian really, but s’all the same! I used to live in New Orleans, but now I live in The-Middle-of-Nowhere, NJ. I graduated in May with my Bachelors in Environmental Science, and I am currently serving as an AmeriCorps volunteer focused on improving watershed health. I'm looking forward to a new adventure once my program ends in July!

Ask me ANYTHING. Really.

Stories from KC.

KC wanted to go on adventures and see the suburbs of New Orleans.

KC drove across the lake (what? why on earth?) to Slidell just for funsies.

KC ran out of batteries.

KC decided that it would be a great idea for a lone, naive white man from UTAH to travel to the 9th ward at night because apparently they sell the best batteries there.

KC should thank the heavens that he did not get shanked.